Monday, November 25, 2013

How to switch back to Chrome's old 'New Tab' page

Updated on 4/15/2014: Google has not changed the below feature and it no longer fixes the home page. There are some extensions that will let you load the apps page.

Updated on 11/25/2013

Chrome changed their "New Page" view so you are not able to see the apps page. I guess they are trying to force the Youtube comments changes on their browser too. What is frustrating is that they have no easy way to change it back.

After some research, I found the below steps to change the view back.

1) Type chrome://flags into the address bar.

2) Search for the option labeled "Enable Instant Extended API."

3) Change it from "Default" to "Disabled."

4) Restart Chrome.

Here is the page where I found the information.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Minecraft Seed Code for XBox 360: -4300040243928435363

Updated on 6/5/13

A good slime finding app with the seed code in the link:

Minecraft Seed Code for XBox 360: -4300040243928435363
Map is at the bottom.

Best location for the nether portal: X:169 Y:65 Z:50 Orient facing east/west

Village 1: X:-139 Y:65 Z:261
Village 2: X:53 Y:71 Z:373
Village 3: X:-139 Y:70 Z:37
Village 4: X:-188 Y:70 Z:-220

Mushroom Island (connected to land): X:312 Y:65 Z:64

Dessert Mine: X:-274 Y:32 Z:385

End Portal: X-21 Y:44 Z:203
 Not too far from initial spawn point.
EP Entrance from village 1: X:-43 Y:42 Z:259

The Temple is very disjointed and broken up by some caves. I was mainly wanting the portal and to collect temple stone so it was not big deal to me.

Temple Chest 1: X:-37 Y:46 Z:238
Temple Chest 2: X:-22 Y:45 Z:220
Temple Chest 3: X:-88 Y:28 Z:242
Temple Chest 4: X:-26 Y:37 Z:253

Zombie spawner 1: X:-88 Y:57 Z:368
Zombie spawner 2: X:-190 Y:38 Z:388
Zombie spawner 3: X:-169 Y:19 Z:286
Zombie spawner 4: X:-340 Y:31 Z:387
Zombie spawner 5: X:-256 Y:75 Z:257
    - Entrance to 5: X:-258 Y:84 Z:242
Zombie spawner 6: X:67 Y:45 Z:268

Skeleton spawner 1:  X:147 Y:56 Z:216
*** (need confirmation) Skeleton spawner 2:  X:104 Y:19 Z:395****

Spider spawner 1: X-97 Y:13 Z:407
Spider spawner 2: X-112 Y:46 Z:122

Cave spider spawner 1: X:-146 Y:39 Z:361
Cave spider spawner 2: X:-136 Y:38 Z:319
Cave spider spawner 3: X:-316 Y:31 Z:406

Mine chest 1: X:-185 Y:42 Z:346
Mine chest 2: X:-169 Y:46 Z:366
Mine chest 3: X:-172 Y:45 Z:406
Mine chest 4: X:-337 Y:32 Z:430

Cave 1 entrance: X:64 Y:67 Z:185
Cave 2 entrance 1: X:-124 Y:67 Z:122
Cave 3 entrance 2: X:-49 Y:73 Z:103
Cave 4 entrance: X:-176 Y:61 Z:95

Diamonds  1:  X:-350 Y:14 Z:314
Diamonds  2:  X:-240 Y:5 Z:265
Diamonds  3:  X:-261 Y:5 Z:265
Diamonds  4:  X:-281 Y:5 Z:256
Diamonds  5:  X:-270 Y:5 Z:154
Diamonds  6:  X:-207 Y:5 Z:216
Diamonds  7:  X:-207 Y:5 Z:251
Diamonds  8:  X:-279 Y:5 Z:257
Diamonds  9:  X:-232 Y:5 Z:221
Diamonds 10: X:-220 Y:5 Z:255

Monday, January 7, 2013

XBOX Seeds for Minecraft =

This seed will work in the latest update as of 1/7/13.

XBox 360 Seed Codes with points of interests.

seed:  The name is Blumpkins the code is: -2100870927

A good varied world with two mushroom islands. The Nether does have a strong hold in the opposite corner of the portal entrance. The upper right corner has good forests. I have not mapped any swamp biomes at this point.

Village #1 - x: 368 y: 81 z: 287
Village #2 - x: 119 y: 74 z: 109
Village #3 - x: -40 y: 61 z: 301

Desert        - x: -45 y: 60 z:   16
Desert Beach        - x: 22  y: 60 z: -360

End portal Dungeon x: 299 y: 36 z: 90

Abandoned Mineshaft #1 - x: -363 y: 24 z: 128
Abandoned Mineshaft #2 - x:   37 y: 37 z: 238
Cave Spider Spawner #1 - x: -309 y: 23 z: 114
Cave Spider Spawner #2 - x: -343 y: 23 z: 171
Cave Spider Spawner #3 - x:   18 y: 34 z: 323
Cave Spider Spawner #4 - x:   37 y: 37 z: 238
Cave Spider Spawner #5 - x:  209 y: 35 z:   7
Cave Spider Spawner #6 - x:  205 y: 35 z:   3

Spider spawner #1     - x:   -9       y: 67      z: 340
Spider Spawner #2     - x:  415      y: 22      z: 310
Spider Spawner #3     - x:  214      y: 27      z: 302
Zombie Spawner #1    - x:  -40      y: 61      z: 301
Zombie Spawner #2    - x:  272      y: 43      z:  35
Zombie Spawner #3    - x:  116      y: 50      z: 372
Zombie Spawner #4    - x:  349      y: 57      z: 353

Skeleton Spawner #1    - x:  157 y: 50 z: 328

Chest in mine #2  - X: 34 y: 38  z: 278
Others are located in mine but I did not map them.

Mushroom Island #1  - x: -278 y: 65 z: 98
Mushroom Island #2  - x: -380 y: 66 z: -253

Minecraft seeds XBox

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bob Beckel's Education Lottery Fallacy

Bob Beckel once stated on the show "The Five" that state lotteries were good for people. Bob Beckel @RobertGBeckel in all his cuddly cuteness tried to put forth a logical fallacy that lotteries have increased educational spending. State and national gambling lotteries have not increased spending on education and in some cases the spending goes down. What he falsely claims is that the lotteries were approved by voters based on the false premise that the funds would be spent on education. That is a partial truth. Yes, the lottery revenue is spent towards education but what is not being told is that education spending is not being increased. The funds that were going to education are shifted to other "pet" projects for the state. So, gambling revenue does not increase education spending over time. States without gambling revenue have a 10% higher spending record on education.

It is okay to argue for lotteries and their place in our society. It is okay to say that lotteries unjustly impact the poor. Just don't try and use the logical fallacy of "education benefits" that is not based on facts.

Here is the proof for my argument that lotteries are a usury tax and do not help education budgets long term.

1) Noel D. Campbell makes this statement, " Georgia Lottery K-12 expenditures have no practical impact on K-12 spending. If political support depends on the lottery's K-12 spending it is misplaced."
Noel D. Campbell
Journal of Education Finance
Vol. 28, No. 3 (Winter 2003), pp. 383-401
Published by: University of Illinois Press

2) Pat Garofalo posted a blog on the very liberal site Think Progress, "Many states earmark their lottery revenue for a specific purpose, most often education, but it turns out that that formula isn’t workable"
Pat Garofalo
Mar 30, 2012 at 3:25 pm

3) Charles Riley wrote this statement on CNN back in March of 2012, "Earmarking the money for popular causes makes the state look great, but as the National Gambling Impact Study Commission said in the late 1990s, it is not necessarily boosting budgets. "There is reason to doubt if earmarked lottery revenues in fact have the effect of increasing funds available for the specified purpose," the report said. In other words, the money often acts as a stop-gap replacement, not a supplement."
Charles Riley
March 31, 2012: 9:38 AM ET

4) Charles J. Spindler in an article published in 2003 writes this, "Despite the promises of some states to use lottery revenues to fund education, they may be guilty of robbing Peter to pay Paul. This study examines the question of revenue fungibility in the case of state lotteries. Using time-series analysis, the research suggests that education is not a big winner in state lotteries. Two different patterns of fungibility emerge from the analysis that are suggestive of underlying budgetary politics."
Charles J. Spindler
The Lottery and Education: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?
28 October 2003

5) Ross Rubenstein and Benjamin Scafidi make this argument, "An important but often overlooked question regarding lotteries is whether the distribution of benefits from lottery-funded programs reduces or exacerbates the apparent regressivity of lottery purchases by players. That is, while lower-income households may bear a disproportionately large share of the burden from implicit lottery taxation, they may also receive a disproportionately small share of the benefits from lottery-funded programs."
Rubenstein, Ross & Scafidi, Benjamin
Name: National Tax Journal Publisher: National Tax Association Audience

6) As a side reference, Melissa S. Kearney published a paper with a focus on the "Winners and Loser" of gambling.
Kearney, Melissa Schettini. "The Economic Winners And Losers Of Legalized Gambling," National Tax Journal, 2005, v58(2,Jun), 281-302.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chrome Sync

I recently changed my password for Google. Shortly after I did, my Chrome Sync log in stopped working. It would let me try and log in but it would always default back to “you are not logged in screen.” It was very frustrating as it was happening on my home computer too. I created a new “dummy” account for Google and it would let me login with that account. I tried uninstalling Chrome and re installing. There did not seem to be any help on the Google newsgroups either. I went for about a week and finally decided to check one more thing. I went on to the Google Dashboard and told it to clear my Chrome Sync. I waited 5 minutes and “presto” it allowed me to login again.

So long story short for those Facebook readers.  If your Google Chrome does not allow you to login. Save/Export your bookmarks, go to the Google Dashboard and clear your Chrome sync settings.

**Update on 4/17.
I also installed XMarks which synced my bookmarks across browsers. That kept me from losing my information when I stopped the sync on the dashboard.

Keywords: "Chrome says I'm not signed into my Google account"
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