iPad 2 - First Things First

Here is a quick list of things that you should do first (after the initial setup) with your iPad 2.
1) Turn on the Passcode Lock. You can do this by going to the Settings, General. This will keep your co-workers from making funny posts on Facebook. It should also give you enough time to locate your iPad for those times you leave it in a taxi.

2) Turn on the Mobile Me Service. This is a great free service and it works very well. You can even lock the iPad or “wipe” your data. Don’t worry, you will be able to re-sync the apps and data once your recover your device. Here is a link that will help:

3) Changing the Side Switch from a Mute button to a Lock Rotation button. One of the things that is irritating to me is when I am trying to read a book or web site and the screen keeps moving from portrait to landscape. You can change mute button (located on the upper right side of the iPad) to turn on/off the rotating feature. Just go to the general settings and change the “Use Side Switch to:” Lock Rotation. Here is a link that will help:

4) Buy a good cover. I had the CaseCrown recommended to me and it works well. It has the magnet to turn the screen on/off (which is nice). It is currently running under $25 at Amazon.com. The link is here:
5) Buy a good screen protector. The last thing you want on your iPad is an annoying scratch. The one recommended to me and the one I purchased is the ZAGG Invisible Shield. It is a pain to install so make sure you have the time and patience to put it on. I needed reading glasses for the instructions. If you follow the instructions, you will do okay installing it. Here is the link:
6) A good stylus will help you navigate your iPad if you have long nails or want to draw/annotate on your screen. I purchased the Boxwave stylus. It works well and come in three colors (red/silver/black). Here is the link:

7) Download your favorite apps and enjoy your new iPad. I have listed a set of starter apps and apps that I enjoy using. The link is here: