Chrome Sync

I recently changed my password for Google. Shortly after I did, my Chrome Sync log in stopped working. It would let me try and log in but it would always default back to “you are not logged in screen.” It was very frustrating as it was happening on my home computer too. I created a new “dummy” account for Google and it would let me login with that account. I tried uninstalling Chrome and re installing. There did not seem to be any help on the Google newsgroups either. I went for about a week and finally decided to check one more thing. I went on to the Google Dashboard and told it to clear my Chrome Sync. I waited 5 minutes and “presto” it allowed me to login again.

So long story short for those Facebook readers.  If your Google Chrome does not allow you to login. Save/Export your bookmarks, go to the Google Dashboard and clear your Chrome sync settings.

**Update on 4/17.
I also installed XMarks which synced my bookmarks across browsers. That kept me from losing my information when I stopped the sync on the dashboard.

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