Minecraft Seed Code for XBox 360: -4300040243928435363

Updated on 6/5/13

A good slime finding app with the seed code in the link: http://chunkbase.com/apps/slime-finder#-4300040243928435363

Minecraft Seed Code for XBox 360: -4300040243928435363
Map is at the bottom.

Best location for the nether portal: X:169 Y:65 Z:50 Orient facing east/west

Village 1: X:-139 Y:65 Z:261
Village 2: X:53 Y:71 Z:373
Village 3: X:-139 Y:70 Z:37
Village 4: X:-188 Y:70 Z:-220

Mushroom Island (connected to land): X:312 Y:65 Z:64

Dessert Mine: X:-274 Y:32 Z:385

End Portal: X-21 Y:44 Z:203
 Not too far from initial spawn point.
EP Entrance from village 1: X:-43 Y:42 Z:259

The Temple is very disjointed and broken up by some caves. I was mainly wanting the portal and to collect temple stone so it was not big deal to me.

Temple Chest 1: X:-37 Y:46 Z:238
Temple Chest 2: X:-22 Y:45 Z:220
Temple Chest 3: X:-88 Y:28 Z:242
Temple Chest 4: X:-26 Y:37 Z:253

Zombie spawner 1: X:-88 Y:57 Z:368
Zombie spawner 2: X:-190 Y:38 Z:388
Zombie spawner 3: X:-169 Y:19 Z:286
Zombie spawner 4: X:-340 Y:31 Z:387
Zombie spawner 5: X:-256 Y:75 Z:257
    - Entrance to 5: X:-258 Y:84 Z:242
Zombie spawner 6: X:67 Y:45 Z:268

Skeleton spawner 1:  X:147 Y:56 Z:216
*** (need confirmation) Skeleton spawner 2:  X:104 Y:19 Z:395****

Spider spawner 1: X-97 Y:13 Z:407
Spider spawner 2: X-112 Y:46 Z:122

Cave spider spawner 1: X:-146 Y:39 Z:361
Cave spider spawner 2: X:-136 Y:38 Z:319
Cave spider spawner 3: X:-316 Y:31 Z:406

Mine chest 1: X:-185 Y:42 Z:346
Mine chest 2: X:-169 Y:46 Z:366
Mine chest 3: X:-172 Y:45 Z:406
Mine chest 4: X:-337 Y:32 Z:430

Cave 1 entrance: X:64 Y:67 Z:185
Cave 2 entrance 1: X:-124 Y:67 Z:122
Cave 3 entrance 2: X:-49 Y:73 Z:103
Cave 4 entrance: X:-176 Y:61 Z:95

Diamonds  1:  X:-350 Y:14 Z:314
Diamonds  2:  X:-240 Y:5 Z:265
Diamonds  3:  X:-261 Y:5 Z:265
Diamonds  4:  X:-281 Y:5 Z:256
Diamonds  5:  X:-270 Y:5 Z:154
Diamonds  6:  X:-207 Y:5 Z:216
Diamonds  7:  X:-207 Y:5 Z:251
Diamonds  8:  X:-279 Y:5 Z:257
Diamonds  9:  X:-232 Y:5 Z:221
Diamonds 10: X:-220 Y:5 Z:255