Transfer Vault from Desktop Version to Play Anywhere on Windows 10 and XBox One



1. Find your old Vault-Save File. It should be in your Documents Folder under

my games\Fallout Shelter\VaultX.sav

Where the X in the Name stands for the Slot in which your Vault has been saved (eg Vault1.sav for the first Slot)

2. Install the Play Anywhere Version from the Store.

3. Start the Store-Version and create a new Vault. Click thourgh the tutorial until you can open the Settings-Page.

4. Save your game, then exit to the Main Menu and quit the Application.

5. Now go to your File-Explorer and open up the Local AppData Directory.

You can find this either under the Path


or you can enter %appdata% in the Adress-Bar in File-Explorer. This will bring you to the AppData\Roaming Directory, so you have to go up one level and go into Local there.

6. Once you found that directory, look for the Packages Folder and open it.

7. Now sort the View by Date->Descending and you should see some Folder named 'BethesdaSoftworks.FalloutShelter_3275kfvn8vcwc' or some different number. Open that one.

8. A few more directories to traverse, You should follow the Path along


Something like: SystemAppData\wgs\0009000002967BFA_0000000000000000000000007FACC08D\21821535E3D44FCBBE5D833C6EBCFACF)

9. In there you will find 3 Files, two named with (guessed it) cryptic numbers, and one with the name 'container.SOME_NUMBER'.

10. Now look at the File Sizes. Two of those have a size of 1kb, while the other one is bigger (about 64kb at the start). This is the File we are looking for.

11. Now grab your Vault-Save from the first step and rename it so that it matches the name of the big file from that directory. Note that you have to REMOVE the extension from your original Vault-Save, the Play Anywhere Versions doesnt have an extension to it.

So for example: 'Vault1.sav' is renamed to 'BB81E4B38B64413D9D5C886B7F9B580B'

12. Now replace the File in the Folder with your newly renamed one, overwriting the old one.



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