Alternatives to YouTube

Here is a rundown of sites I have found to upload videos as an alternative or a way to diversify your video content distribution. It is not a comprehensive list but just a few that I have personally researched. If you find an error please contact me on twitter.

Vimeo: Limited space 500mb, can purchase more bandwidth/upload space. Upgrade
for up to 5TB with no weekly limits Allows a password on videos and more privacy with paid accounts. Easy to setup monitization and allows for payments to a checking account or paypal. Uploads from Google drive and dropbox allowed.
DailyMotion: 60 minute maximum per video, 2 GB maximum per file, Up to 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160), Allows multiple uploads at a time, Easy to setup account and pay methods.
Vidme: Until verified*** : limits of 3GB upload per 7 day period, 720p limits. You don't earn anything until verified Verification seems to be a wild west with this start up. I requested verification but was turned down. They state you should have 50 followers but I have seen other channels that are verified with less than 25 followers and less subscribers than me on Youtube. The content is not very good on this site and seems to be a lot of european gamers and people frustrated with Youtube.
Bitchute: This one has my attention only because of the strategy. It is a peer to peer content sharing platform. The content will never really be controlled by anyone as it works a lot like a tor network. The video parts are distributed around the Internet. There is no way to monetize but this is a good avenue to put out small clips to draw viewers back to a personal website. Easy to setup.
Twitch: In my opinion, the best option for streaming but does take a bit of learning to get setup with the technology.