Youtube is Blacklisting and Auto-Demonetizing videos, says Youtubers

A number of YouTubers have made videos about a new round of demonetization that has severely crippled their channel(s). This is in addition to the previous demonetization that went into effect on a number of channels last year. Recently, some YouTubers have pointed to a possible blacklist that Google may have devised, which is automatically demonetizing videos, regardless of the content, and regardless of whether or not it even breaches YouTube’s content policy standards.

There’s a six minute video from LazarBeam, a YouTuber with a million subscribers, where he explains that after the PewDiePie issue from earlier this year – where the Wall Street Journal concocted a witch hunt on the YouTuber in order to get his ad revenue pulled – ad revenue has taken a major dive across the board. The video contains a lot of rambling, but he does bring up that some of his content can still be monetized, but a lot of it is no longer eligible for monetization and he has no idea how to make content that fits within YouTube’s guidelines for monetization.

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YouTube Blacklist