Amazon rolls out privacy changes to the Ring

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Amazon's Ring doorbell has rolled out a new update that lets users add and remove shared users on an account.

Uncovered in reporting by Motherboard and Gizmodo in 2019, the scale of Amazon's Neighbor Portal program is much larger than originally believed -- and its various affiliations with law enforcement has raised alarming ethical questions. In the new update, users will be able to see an "Active Law Enforcement Map" clarifying which local institutions are part of the Neighbor Portal network. They will also be able to disable requests for video from officials, whether or not they have received one in the past. (This feature was available previously, but an account had to have received one request for the opt-out option to appear.)
That said, Ring is suggesting users allow video request notifications -- citing specific instances where such evidence helped solve criminal cases. According to Ring's official press release, the control center update will be made available to all Android and iOS users within "the next few days." Per the same release, this is the first of numerous security and privacy updates planned for the system.