NETACAD R&S Course 1 Labs

This is the playlist for the videos I created to help with the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching course 1. The below videos cover some of the labs for the course. Leave a comment if you would like to see a video that is not here.

The full playlist is here: Packet Tracer Network Representation, NETACAD CCNA R&S Course 1 Packet Tracer - Configuring Initial Switch Settings, NETACAD CCNA R&S Course 1 Lab Lab Building a Simple Network, NETACAD CCNA R&S Course 1 Using Wireshark to View Network Traffic Packet Tracer - Connecting a Wired and Wireless LAN Packet Tracer - Examine the ARP Table, NETACAD CCNA R&S Course 1, V6.0 

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